Friday, October 18, 2013

Lunch @ Tonkotsu King

Tried to lunch here yesterday but the queue was too long. Decided to head out earlier for lunch here today.

Discovery Channel Japan was here today to film this shop for their program “Japanese Soul Food – Ramen”.

We were already feeling hot & humid while waiting in line, yet have to ensure we were not accidentally “captured’ on their camera…so busy…haha!

Basically there are only 3 types of flavors to choose from. Original, Black Spicy, Red Spicy.
The unadventerous us decided to go for the original.

Spotted a banner for another branch under the same ramen group. While we were discussint eh different flavors they have, suddenly one of the guys who was with the TV team spoke to us and  told us it's at Bugis and we must try because it's good. Turned out he is the manager of this Bugis branch. Damn, should have ask him for membership card... -.-"

The freeflow hardboiled eggs and beansprouts

 Grinding the sesame seeds to add to the soup

 With seaweed
 Plain without additional toppings

And for those big eaters, you can add $2 for another helping of ramen to be added to your existing soupbase. Quite worth it IMO.

The damages
For the price, we felt it is quite worth it. Very satisfying meal. Realized this is under the same ramen group as Tori King @ 100am mall. We tried that before, wasn't impressed by it. We very much prefer Tonkotsu King. Maybe it is due to the different stock used - Tori King offered Chicken Leg soup base, while Tonkotsu King is pork-based.
Definately will be back again. :)

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