Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cafe Brios Sunday Tunch Buffet

Nope, I did not make a spelling error in my subject title. They really name it as Tunch, which I suppose it was because it was served from 12noon to 4pm, literally lunch cum high-tea.

This was not our first visit to Café Brios @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel and usually the food does not disappoint us.
Reservation is advisable as it is usually quite packed. The variety I would say is quite standard for all hotels' buffet - sashimi, salads, appetizers, main courses, desserts etc.

Mushroom soup with chicken & Bak Kut Teh
The mushroom honestly was quite good, but with the chicken pieces in it, it somehow does not blend. As for the bak kut teh, it is a tad too salty. I've had better ones.

 The sashimi was good and the serving per slice is quite generous, But why is it always only the salmon we get a big portion but the rest of the sashimi we get only a few slices? Especially the Ika, which we only have 3 miserable pieces.

 Some of the cooked food - tempura fish, pandan leaf chicken, custard bun, crystal bun, you tiao, glutinous food. They were not bad.

Their laksa comes with a slice of ngor hiang. Gravy was not bad for me.

Chilli crabs! This was our favourite dish amongst the cooked dishes. It was a little spicy but oh-so-delicious.

The prawns and mussels on ice

Nasi lemak station

The highlight of this buffet is their durian pudding. It is really good as it was really made of real durian flesh.

The cakes variety is quite decent, though I would not say there are a lot to choose from. However, they do have a good variety of local desserts, like nonya kuehs, muah chee, yam paste, tao suan.
And of course, ice cream too.

Service wise, this time round, we were not so impressed. Nope, it was not that the service staff was not good. I would say this time she was too over-zealous in clearing our plates. Many times after tending to LO, we turned back to our table and found our half-drunk tea being cleared away and also the empty plates that we lay on our table for sharing of food gone from its position. Then there was an incident where we took a while to manage to capture the attention of a service staff to ask for a highchair.

Overall, this place is still quite alright for its food.

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