Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunday Brunch @ Indulge at Park (Grand Park City Hall)

Indulge at Park is located at the lobby area, with a waterfall backdrop, in the rustic charm of old shop houses. The outdoor area (which is actually right next to the lobby area) offers a sense of space and natural light along while you feast. 
I love to sit at the outdoor area where I can enjoy my food while gazing lazily at the waterfall backdrop. However, because we are lunching with LO in tow, the indoor area is much more accessible for us as there are steps leading to the outdoor area.

For the month of November, it is all about Chocolates! So in additional to the usual fare of seafood and internation delights, there will be more chocolates desserts & delights available. Yumz!

I shall let the pictures speak for itself and minimize words :) 


The appetizers & salad bar

Look at the offerings on ice! There are the usual prawns, mussels, sashimi, scallops, crayfish, oysters. We were presently surprised that there are Alaska crab legs and lobsters too! All these are really fresh. For someone like me who don't eat oysters, I manage to woof down 5 oysters. That is how fresh it is. No fishy taste at all.

There were two soups choices - Creamy mushroom and Lobster bisque. Both were flavourful and rich but a tad too salty. But nonetheless, still very good.


At the craving station, there's roasted beef, lamb and pork knuckles. The lamb was good, no strong lamb smell. The pork knuckle was crispy without being too oily. Just the way we like it. There's also small portions of roasted suckling pig with apple jam. The pairing with the apple jam is quite unique, however the suckling pig was not the crispy type that we were used to in Chinese crusine. The baked fish wsa fresh but its skin was a tad tough to slice through. However, fret not, the friendly chef was on hand to assist. Two thumbs up for the service!

                Spanish chicken meat ball (Albondigas)       Roasted cauliflower, carrot and sultana gratin

Oooh, these Spanish chicken meat ball (Albondigas) are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. we can't stop ourselves from getting a second helping.

Roasted cauliflower, carrot and sultana gratin was not too cheesy as hubs who don't take cheese, was able to stomach it.

                           Seasonal Greens               Brown rice with chestnut, bacon, pine nut & vegetables.

The Brown rice with chestnut, bacon, pine nut and vegetables was something different from the usual fried rice/noodle. Wholesomely healthy.

                  Baked salmon En Papillote                        Smoke Duck Breast with lychee sauce

Somehow the Smoke Duck Breast with lychee sauce reminds me of roasted pork, in a good way.

                 Sweet potato and Russet Dauphinoise         Braised short rib with Chocolate and Rosemary

These ribs have no chocolatey taste but the ribs were so very tender.

 Pan seared parmesan crumbled chicken with sage    Crispy Mackerel with Szechuan Hot Bean Sauce

 Oven Roasted Lamb Rack with Oreo and Macadamia Crust
 A little tough so not easy to slice the flesh off the rack but again, lucky there wasn't any strong lamb smell.
 Oven Roasted Lamb Rack with Oreo and Macadamia Crust
 Butter Tagliatelle Pasta

 Ok, by now, I was a little restless. There were really alot of cooked dishes. But I am a dessert person, so I zoomed straight to the dessert section. There were sooooo many choices available!


 Chocolate Douceur Lactee Cake
 Apple Crumble & Passion mousse with Cocoa Glaze (foreground)
Vanilla Chocolate Panna Cotta, Orange cream brulee with Frudge (background)
 Cheese cake & assorted Macaroons
I really love macaroons and theirs were good! Love the earl grey and lemon best.
 Assort Pralines
 Fondue - Chocolate, Orange, Ivory, Green Tea
 Chocolate Bread & Butter Pudding
Assorted Gelato (I super love the green tea!)

 Assorted Fruits & Signature Durian Pengat
If you love durian, their durian pengat is a must-try. Not overly sweet nor artifical. You know some places, their durian mousse have so much cream added that all you are eating is just the cream?Well, this one is almost like the real thing.

 Mini Baby cupcakes, Chocolate Passion Petit Four
 Assort Cookies
  Brownies, Raspberry Mousse with Five Spice Chocolate Fudge
This was not our first visit to Indulge at Park. We wedded two years ago at this very hotel and held LO's first month celebration right here as well. So this hotel holds many precious memories for us. Honestly, I would say their buffet spread had indeed improved over the past two years, with more varieties available now. Of course, with the revamp in the food menu, the prices have made a slight adjustment upwards as well. But overall, I feel the new price is worth every bit and the service rendered here by their service staff is very attentive and helpful. On the downside, there are not many baby chairs available. LO could not get one that day, we wasn't sure if it was due to a wedding going on that day? But nonetheless, the service staff was very apologetic about the lack of baby chair for LO. Oh well, nothing we can do about it, so LO stayed in her stroller throughout the lunch.
Grand Park City Hall - Indulge at Park
10 Coleman Street Singapore 179809
Call 6432 5888 or email fnb.gpch@parkhotelgroup.com for enquiries/reservations.

Sunday Buffet Brunch : 12noon to 3.00pm (Sundays)
$50++ (Adult) / $25++ (Child)

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