Saturday, November 2, 2013

Breakfast at Triple Three - Mandarin Orchard Hotel

We had craving for hotel's breakfast so we made an impromptu visit to Triple Three at Mandarin Orchard Hotel.

This was our first visit and we were amazed by the vast dining area. I actually had problems locating my table once, after returning from the buffet section.
Let's start with the western selections.

There were 4 juices available - orange, cranberry, apple and soya bean milk.
The western selections were quite decent. The French toast was wonderfully done and bacon were very crispy. We love our bacons crispy so these are really good. There are also a good variety of sausages and the cheese sausage was our favourite.
Next, we moved on to the Asian & Indian selections :
Porridge - there is the choice of plain porridge (not pictured), cuttlefish porridge & oats porridge.
The cuttlefish porridge is quite flavourful, while oats porridge is unsweetened so we can add sugar to our liking.

Seafood fried rice had no trace of seafood. We only found mixed peas in it. The rice seemed to be undercooked as the grains were hard. This was very bland to taste.
Stir fried vegetarian mee boring was also another bland dish but at least it was well cooked.
Nor hiang was made of fish cake, nothing to rave about.
Roti prata was another disappointing dish. It was so rock hard that we had problems slicing it with our knives. The accompanying chicken curry was actually quite good but it wasn't to my liking as the lemongrass was quite overpowering.

 The paus were quite decent, with a choice of red bean and chicken char siew.
Soon kuehs were quite forgettable.

 There is an egg station and one order sunny side up, omelette etc.

Pantry selections were quite extensive. The donut were quite good in the old-fashion way. The rest were quite okay.

Cereal selection were good and for the health conscious, besides the fresh cream milk, there is a choice of skimmed milk or low fat milk as well.
Service wise, we were greatly disappointed considering this hotel is a 5-star hotel. No service staff came forward to offer us coffee or tea and we had to walk to a one to asked for it. We were also not offered the choice to choose from their coffee/tea selections. Refill of coffee & tea was also lacking. This lack of service was only observed for our table. Surrounding tables were observed to have prompt attention though. Was it because we are non-hotel guests? Mind you, we are paying for our breakfast buffet. Guests or not, there should not be a disparity in service one receives.
For $38++, the breakfast buffet is not worth it, given the lack of food quality and service. We have had better hotel's breakfast.
Triple Three @ Mandarin Orchard
333 Orchard Road, Orchard, Singapore 238867
Breakfast: 6.30am – 10.00am (Daily)

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