Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Steamed Cheesy Couscous with Chicken & Vegetables

I had invested in an electric lunchbox last month. Yeah yeah, I have jumped onto the bandwagon of this latest craze but I'm glad to say this has not been a white elephant in my kitchen...haha!

Happened to see a promotor at a make-shift stall near my workplace, so I stop and looked at his demostration. Quite impressed that it will auto-shutoff if the water has dried up. Which means I can run out for short errands trips without worrying that my house will be burnt down. yeah~

 the electric lunchbox

Butter (unsalted) - Optional for flavor only
1 clove of garlic
Choice of vegetables (Diced) - I used zucchini, carrot & pumpkin
Chicken (Diced)
1 cup pork bones Stock
Grated Cheese (I used Bega brand)

1) Add all diced vegatables, garlic, butter, chicken, soup stock into the bowl and steam for 10mins
2) Add in couscous and lay grated cheese on top
3) Steam for 5mins
4) Let it simmer for another 5mins if soup stock is not fully absorbed by the couscous
5) Ready to serve


I have included a picture of the cheese I have used, in case you would like to look for it too.
For babies & young children, pls only go for cheese with sodium level not more than 680mg/100gm.

Happy cooking! :D

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