Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Easy Peasy Mushroom Soup

Had bought fresh shitake mushrooms and thus decided to make mushroom soup for LO.
It makes a very quick and satisfy meal. How do I know if it was satisfy? LO was the best judge on my culinary skills (or the lack of it...haha).

A handful of Fresh Shitake Mushroom - Sliced (or button mushrooms if you prefer)
1 small scoop of FM (to make 30ml of milk)
1/4 tsp of unsalted butter (Optional)

Avent Steamer & Blender

1) Steam the mushrooms for 15mins
2) Once the steamed process is completed, add in the scoop of FM with the water residue in it
3) Add in butter for taste
4) Blend to desired consistency
5) Serve with bread

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