Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cheesy Mash Potato with Threadfin

Cooking for LO means a lot of homework and research to be done. Especially for a kitchen noob like me.Haha!

Today I decided to make her something different from the usual porridge dinner.

one teaspoon unsalted butter
diced threadfin
half potato
cream cheese (I use Kiri brand)
20ml fm milk

  1. Steam (approx. 15-20mins) potato til soft and mashed with fork/spoon
  2. Heatup saucepan and add in butter
  3. Add the threadfin until cooked (approx. 3-4mins)
  4. Pour in the milk while stirring
  5. Add in the cream cheese
  6. Add in the mashed potato
  7. Continue to stir for another 2-3mins
  8. Ready to serve

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