Saturday, October 5, 2013

Domestics affairs

With a LO on solids, it becomes a learning path on how to make meals healthy yet tasting enough to whip up am appetite.
Every mouthful is a challenge & a satisfaction.I'm sure all mums will agree on that.
Today I decided to try my hand in preparing pork bones stock for the week.Hopefully it will make her daily porridge more tasty.
I thought I had enough to last a week but I guess these are enough only for 3 days...haha.Well, nevermind,we still have to see if LO likes it or not anyway.

6 precious containers of stock made with lotsa love. Can u feel the love,baby?

After the end of her weekly class at Heguru, we finally decided to settle on a oven.A simple one, nothing fanciful as I have never baked anything before in my life (those home economics classes during sec sch days doesn't count ya).Though I would prefer a more sophiscated model from this range, but the man pointed out that it might turned into an elephant, so oh well...

Why an oven? Because I wanted to try to bake some tasty & healthy goodies for the LO. This is so that I can offer more variety in her meals.See? That's how much motherhood has changed me, and sometimes it gets abit scary. I was never the domestic type but now I felt it is in my responsibility to ensure LO eats well. 

I chose the Tefal Delice range for its double seal doors & cleantech function.
Not sure if it really locks the smell in but I am not keen on ovens with flimsy doors,for safety reasons. You never know when those curious hands will end up in the kitchen right? As for the cleantech function,I was told it will absorb the oil instead of having it splattered on the oven walls, so cleaning will be easier. 

Now I can't wait til my next long break from work so that I can explore my new "gadget". 

Hopefully, my domestic attempts will succeed & I shall see the results in my LO's next growth assessment. Can't wait! :)

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