Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Spizza Day!

Finally someone's craving is satisfied today...haha!
The skies were a tad gloomy when we arrived in office, so we made our online order on Spizza early in the morning, in hope that they wouldn't cancel our order should it rain cats & dogs....
We have 9 pax in total...guess how many pizzas we ordered?

*Drum rolls* ....

whopping 8 pieces of 12" pizza!
That means each pax have to have 8 slices *shocked*

Ok, on the website after we placed our order, the tentative delivery time was 1pm.
We made a request for them to be delivered at 12noon & they did it!

hmm...nice tagline
And these are the different flavors that we ordered. 5 flavors in total.
Pamela, Isabella, Sofia, Ursula, Juliana...somehow their pizzas all carry females names...
Is it because they are thin crusts? *ponders*

Did we finished all?
Yup, we did!
Now that calls for an overdose of pizza for the
Don't think we gonna look at a pizza anytime soon...*burp*



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