Sunday, October 6, 2013

Lazy Sundays

Decided to drop-by United Square to get something for LO.
Zoomed in only on stuff I have in mind and left pretty quickly in within an hour.
The crowd was quite packed with many parents lugging many toys.
Somehow I wonder why I was the only odd one who have only 1 toy, while everyone left with many big bags. Anyway, there is no need for so much toys, since there will always be another better sale down the road, right?

This is what I aimed and left with - mini sizzling kitchen.
I felt LO will appreciate it when she grows older and love it as much as I do.
The man felt I bought more for myself then LO.
Oh well, it is indeed quite beautifully made. :)

After that, it's time for our weekly food  affair - Buffets!

Did not made any reservations prior, as we have not decided where to go today in the beginning.
Decided to drop-by Olive Tree Restaurant for its Hi-Tea since our last visit was 2 years ago.
Our impression of it then was not fantastic due to the lack of variety.
This time round, we were quite impressed with everything they offered, be it the appetizers, mains, desserts.

Shall let the pictures speaks for itself.

Love the teh terik which we felt was not too sweet and we had many servings of this nostalgic drink.
Perhaps we will be back again when we have no plans for the day. The place is quite spacious so it is great for catching up or just to get away from the bustling city without hearing the next table's conversation.

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