Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Breakfast at Azur

Today hubs woke me up early in the morning and told me we are going out for breakfast. By early, I meant 6am on a public holiday!

Ok, groggily, I did woke up and I found myself at Changi Airport Terminal 3 - Crown Plaza Hotel.
Woo, so we're going for a hotel breakfast!

Ok, I really love hotels' breakfast because of the variety of western and local delights.

Azur have a really long counter and this is just one part of it. They serve western, chinese and even indian crusine!

We started off with the obligatory western delights and oh boy, it is really good!

Then, we moved on to the local delights.

They were also good, except for the soon kueh which we felt that the filling was too little, so we were basically eating more of its skin.

Look at this! There are so many juices & cereals to choose from!

Salads and pastries. Love the blueberry/custard Danish. It is really really good.

We ate for almost 2hours straight and boy was I really bursting at my seams.
But I could not leave without tucking into their fruits as the temptation was too great.
This was the reason I caved in - look at the variety!

At $33++, I would say this breakfast buffet is really worth every single cent. It is definitely one of the best hotels' breakfast I have eaten so far.
We will be back again!

Do you have any other breakfast buffets to recommend?

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