Thursday, October 10, 2013

All babies are angels

*Warning : Below photo might be disturbing to some. Pls do not scroll down if you are not comfortable.

Yesterday was directed to a pretty sad news article that happened in Singapore. Being a FTWM, I rely heavily on the services provided by the infantcare centres, in order for me to return back to the workforce after my maternity leave. So I can truly relate to the heartpains felt by the mother of the baby, not forgetting perhaps the guilt of putting her child in the care of the infantcare center.

It is so incredible to read that this poor baby was scalded by hot coffee, causing 2nd degree burns. Come 'on, which infantcare serve coffee in their menu? If the coffee was meant for the teacher's own consumption, I can only imagine what will happend to her tongue if she was to consume immediately. End of the day, this is yet another incident whereby the party that was responsible just gave a politically correct answer and dismissed it, while the ministry involved says they take a stern view on this incident but speaks no further than that?

It is no wonder Singapore birth rate is not improving. Let's not about the rising costs but when parents cannot feel assured about leaving their children in the hands of the teachers in the infantcare/childcare centers, how is it going to encourage parents to have more kids?
Or is this the domino effects of building too many infantcare/childcare centers in too short a span of time, while there are not enough teachers in the industry.

I hope this baby recovers well and there will be more stringent checks / trainings for the caregivers of the future of Singapore.

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On another separate article ( on having kids in Singapore, chanced upon this article. this must be the most ridiculous news of the year.  So if I don't pay $15, I will not be bringing home my own baby? Issn't this the responsibilities of the hospitals to ensure the SOP of tagging and passing back the correct babies to their respectitive parents?

Maybe we as employees should also start to ask for an additional pay of $15 to ensure our work is done correctly...*ponders*

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