Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New lunch hangout

Suppose to have Spizza today due to a colleague's random craving, alas, they are closed today for a private function.
So off we go to 100am mall (as usual...sigh)

Woot! Spotted a new potential venue for lunch.... Sushi Burrito!

Ok, so we decided to pop in to give it a try since it is really quite boring to keep venturing to the food court.

So what do they sell actually? Can you make a guess from it's name?
It's a giant sushi cum wrap. Healthy choice, I must say. Even the calories counts are stated beside the items on their menu. (in my hungry state, i forgot to take a pix of the menu -.-")

Rising Sun (L) & Flaming Dragon (R)

Decided to order the Rising Sun (mainly tuna, avocado, crabstick) & Flaming Dragon (mainly Tuna, jellyfish) so that we can taste both flavors.

They are having a promotion now. If you liked & check-in via your facebook & instagram and hash tag them you can get a free hokkaido ice-cream!


Verdict? We will be back again, but will have to tell them not to put wasabi in the Rising Sun as the serving of it is quite generous. Not for those who can't take much wasabi, you know. Haha!

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